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Our Mission

To provide a dynamic, strategic, and conceptualize service that will positively impact the growth and profitability of your business. To define and develop Innovative Solutions that will optimize measurable efficiency levels to empower and motivate employees to perform with excellence.

Mastering Your Leadership DNA

Mastering Your Leadership DNA defines the concept of this “leadership DNA,” exploring how a scientific principle can be applied to leadership. Author Linsdale McKenzie, an experienced leader with an extensive track record of managing employees to foster corporate growth, examines and explains the fundamental and foundational measures that foster the high level of managerial competency needed to motivate and support employee performance and build a foundation for organizational success.


We offer different services such as Management and Operational Consulting, Leadership Dynamics, Executive Recruiting, and Training.

Management and Operational Consulting

At MIS, we will transform the way you conduct your business by developing innovative solutions that will have a profound impact in achieving the company's goals and objectives.

Leadership Dynamics Training

Our focus is on the fundamental/foundational leadership techniques that will establish the DNA for your company's Innovative Solution to excel in the constantly changing marketplace.


MIS are experts in the recruitment and selection of quality candidates for any position that is vacated or newly created within your company.


Employee training is paramount to the success of a company. In order to achieve this in your market place, we will focus on employee motivation, turnover, productivity and job responsibilities.

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What Clients Say

"I've known Linsdale for several years in my career. I refer to him as my "Guardian Angel" His Interpersonal skills are profoundly heartwarming."

-Maria Patton

"I was introduced to Linsdale by a friend of mine. He landed me two exceptional jobs in the hospitality industry."

                                                    -Nordia Gatson

"Working with MIS Recruiting was great. The communication and follow up was consistent and timely."

-Nattalee Somerville

"After submitting my resume, I was promptly contacted by MIS recruiting, they worked tirelessly to set me up with the right fit for what my needs/desires were."

-Corey Nelson


Recent Articles

Febuary, 6th, 2018

Here at MIS we want to successfully coach, inspire and motivate people to achieve organizational goals and fulfill the company's vision.

April 12th, 2018

"Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your employees?" We can customize a training program that will established consistency in overall job performance that will support organizational goals and objectives.

August 3rd, 2018

Check out our Job Opportunities tab to take a look at our open jobs. We are here to help feel free to contact us with any question in reguard to Managment, Traning, Recruting and Leadership.



5 Penn Plaza, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10001


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