Executive Recruiting

Executive Recruiting

MIS Looking Out For Your Career

MIS are experts in the recruitment and selection of quality candidates for any position that is vacated or newly created within your company. Based on the duties and responsibilities, we will be able to source, target, identify, interview and select those candidates that is a profile match for the position.

Career Path Consulting

Our successful placements are motivated, dynamic professionals with excellent leadership skills and the ability to train and develop subordinates, planning and organizational skills, creativity and resourcefulness and much more.

MIS team will use their extensive knowledge of the industry to match your skill set to the right position; identify your long-term goals and develop a plan to achieve them - to be a "captain of your career".

Resume Review

MIS team will use your knowledge of the recruitment process to fine-tune your resume in order to maximize its effectiveness in presenting your skills to prospective employers.

Interview Skills and Scheduling

MIS team:

  • Provide applicable tips that will prepare you for a successful interview.
  • Can arrange interviews for positions that match your profile.
  • Ensure that you are prepared for the interviews and
  • Will support you for any follow-up interviews until you receive and offer.