Leadership Dynamics

The consequences of failed leadership can be dangerous, catastrophic and destructive causing a company to go out of business. Leadership theories have been the source of numerous studies recognizing the fact that leaders on different levels are faced with various challenges on a daily basis.

At MIS, we believe in a very simplistic, pragmatic and realistic approach that is geared towards execution and inaction hence we define leadership as follows:

To successfully coach, inspire and motivate people to achieve organizational goals and fulfill the company’s vision. To take appropriate action when adverse conditions are realized.
Our focus on fundamental/foundational leadership techniques will establish the DNA for your company’s Innovative Solution to excel in the constantly changing marketplace.

Mastering Your Leadership DNA

Based on the recently released book Mastering Your Leadership DNA authored by Linsdale McKenzie

The book demonstrates the duplication of the systems, process, and functions of DNA in a plant or animal cell. It explains how Leaders can apply these methods to fully harness their “DNA V.O.I.C.E.” which is comprised of their Values, Organizational Skills, Initiative, Creativity, and Today’s Leaders requires renewed attention, focus and discipline to deliver successful results

  • You will know how to Master your Leadership DNA V.O.I.C.E. which is comprised of your Values, Organizational skills, Initiative and Ethics
  • Develop strategies to handle the changing landscape of managing in a digital environment and deal with day to day distractions.
  • How to sow, cultivate, transform and replicate your Leadership DNA V.O.I.C.E.
  • The book explains how to build strong sustainable managers and leaders throughout your organization.

Mastermind Group Training

Are you ready to lead by example?
Put yourself to the test and sign up for our Leadership Course

We can develop Leadership Training that will fit your individual or team needs and budget. McKenzie Innovative Solutions will coordinate develop and facilitate workshops and activities tailored to train your employees to make their jobs easier while meeting company expectations. According to John Maxwell, “Good workers improve their skills in many areas of work and life. They can either do it on their own and be more inclined to go elsewhere for continued challenge and learning, or they can learn under your auspices, and develop close ties to your organization while they do.”
We offer the following:

  • Half-Day and Full-Day Workshop/Seminar
  • In-House Corporate Training
  • Executive and Personal Retreat
  • Partnership Retreat
  • Keynote Speech for your company retreat


The foundation of coaching is identifying and developing your vision for your business. If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s hard to plan how you’re going to get there. As your business coach, I will help you identify your vision and map out your plans to bring your vision to life.



I can’t thank you enough, Mr. McKenzie! Extremely professional, from our first interview till the end of the process, he walks me through every step and makes me feel extremely confident. I felt treated like a VIP. I Can’t think of a better experience to find a job if you want real results.    

Sebastián Fernández


BLC Recruiting was able to land me a new position with a fantastic new company. Linsdale was great at preparing me for what to expect each step of the interview process. His follow-up with each step of the interview process was great. They represent great companies and do an excellent job finding the right match for both company and individual interviewing.  

Michael Finnegan


“I have worked with BLC Recruiting for the past six (6) years. Through one of the most difficult times in my life, I was laid off. As a young professional, I did not know how much the hiring process had changed. Fortunately, I was able to partner with a recruiting firm that was able to guide me, mentor me, and support me even after the hiring process. To anyone looking to be parred with the right job for your skills, this is the place to go.

Karina Vidal


During a most unsettling period in my life and the world, BLC Recruiting played a pivotal role in helping me secure gainful employment in the middle of the pandemic. Linsdale and his team provided interview tips and coaching that continued even after securing the position. Linsdale and the BLC Recruiting team remained interested in my success and would show that by following up with check-ins on how I was functioning in my new role. I would highly recommend BLC Recruiting for anyone who is at the point in their life where they are either on the hunt for a new job or are planning to make a career change.  

Ezma Samuel


I have worked with Linsdale from BLC Recruiting for over 20 years! He is my secret weapon when I have a difficult search. He asks great questions, understands our needs, and always puts me at ease by presenting excellent, fully vetted candidates in record time. He leads a great team, and I have enjoyed working with Bottom Line Consultants. A true gem!  

Jen Berman


I have used BLC Recruiting for more than 18 years. Linsdale McKenzie has been a significant partner supporting my team to grow our organization over the past 9 years at the Alicart Restaurant Group. His woven commitment into the very fabric of the hospitality industry and dedication to the challenges, solutions, and follow-through with results, has been essential to our organization when working on recruiting and retention strategies.  

Randy Talbot


Integrity is the first thought that comes to mind when I reflect on Linsdale McKenzie and the BLC Team. I have been in talent acquisition for over 40 years. I have hired thousands of professionals and dealt with my share of Executive agencies. I have never had the kind of trust, respect, and praise that I have for BLC. I have worked with BLC for close to 15 years, and never once have I questioned their thoroughness when searching for professionals for my company. They are exceptional at searching for the hard to find quality candidates that help us grow our very successful restaurant company. They make us look good. Linsdale and BLC are the professionals you need to fill your open positions with quality. BLC candidates are well prepared for the hiring journey and are usually the best candidate presented. You can’t go wrong working with BLC.  

Christopher Harrington


I've known Linsdale for several years in my career. I refer to him as my "Guardian Angel" His Interpersonal skills are profoundly heartwarming.

Maria Patton


After submitting my resume, I was promptly contacted by BLC Recruiting, they worked tirelessly to set me up with the right fit for what my needs/desires were.

Corey Nelson


I was introduced to Linsdale by a friend of mine. He landed me two exceptional jobs in the hospitality industry.

Nordia Gatson


I've known Linsdale for several years in my career. I refer to him as my "Guardian Angel" His Interpersonal skills are profoundly heartwarming.

Corey Nelson

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