Leadership Dynamics

The consequences of failed leadership can be dangerous, catastrophic and destructive causing a company to go out of business. Leadership theories have been the source of numerous studies recognizing the fact that leaders on different levels are faced with various challenges on a daily basis.

At MIS, we believe in a very simplistic, pragmatic and realistic approach that is geared towards execution and inaction hence we define leadership as follows:

To successfully coach, inspire and motivate people to achieve organizational goals and fulfill the company's vision. To take appropriate action when adverse conditions are realized.
Our focus on fundamental/foundational leadership techniques will establish the DNA for your company's Innovative Solution to excel in the constantly changing marketplace.

MIS Leadership Goals

Based on the recently released book Mastering Your Leadership DNA authored by Linsdale McKenzie

The book demonstrates the duplication of the systems, process, and functions of DNA in a plant or animal cell. It explains how Leaders can apply these methods to fully harness their "DNA V.O.I.C.E." which is comprised of their Values, Organizational Skills, Initiative, Creativity, and Today’s Leaders requires renewed attention, focus and discipline to deliver successful results

  • You will know how to Master your Leadership DNA V.O.I.C.E. which is comprised of your Values, Organizational skills, Initiative and Ethics
  • Develop strategies to handle the changing landscape of managing in a digital environment and deal with day to day distractions.
  • How to sow, cultivate, transform and replicate your Leadership DNA V.O.I.C.E.
  • The book explains how to build strong sustainable managers and leaders throughout your organization.
Leadership Training

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We offer Leadership Training and Coaching that will fit your individual or team needs and budget such as:
  • Half-Day and Full-Day Workshop/Seminar
  • In-House Corporate Training
  • Executive and Personal Retreat
  • Partnership Retreat
  • Keynote Speech for your company retreat

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